Anti-humidity Protect your camera from excess humidity and even prevent fungus or mold from destroying your lens and camera.
Install the BRNO dri+Cap to store your camera equipment at the optimum relative humidity (RH) of 35% to 45%.

The BRNO dri+Cap:
Absorbs damaging moisture that can turn into mold.
Protects sensitive camera apparatus from ambient RH fluctuations while traveling in climates with heavy changes in temperature; even moving from cold air conditioning into a hot humid environment can cause moisture build up in a lens.

Minimizes condensation buildup when subjecting photo equipment to vastly different climates.
Reduces bulk: waterproof hard cases are not very portable.

Available for Canon and Nikon Mounts.


  • The BRNO dri+Cap protects sensitive equipment.
  • Excess humidity is destructive to cameras.
  • Fungus that forms between lens elements and under lens coatings in humid, dark environments is either practically impossible or extremely expensive to remove.
  • The BRNO dri+Cap maintains equipment at the proper RH levels.
  • Optimal RH is between 35% to 45% for storing camera equipment.
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