baLens Sample Outside Shots
Let your camera see color the way you do, with the BRNO baLens white balance lens cap.

Achieve a custom white balance in seconds, without taking your hands off the camera.

Those of us who have spent significant time and e
nergy trying to take the best photos possible know that setting a proper white balance is critical.

Digital SLRs do many things very well, but they cannot gauge color with the same accuracy as the human eye.

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Make Every Shot Count

Not only is the BRNO baLens the best tool to solve this problem, it’s something you probably already carry, a lens cap.

“With one simple lens attachment, you can turn your camera into an extension of your eye. Get better colors right out of the bag.”

User comments about baLens:

Easy, quick white balance
This lens cap is an easy, quick and simple way to get correct white balance. I also appreciate the ability to use either the neutral or warming "bubble". Saves time and aggravation in post-processing. And having it double-purpose is ingenious. I have used other white balance tools but this one, IMHO, is the handiest and gives the best result.

-Dressage Queen

Wow! what a difference!!
I have always had a problem with the white balance in my photos and took a chance that this would help...all I can say is that they should be included with the dslr purchase. I now get the white balance correct every time. This is a must have for every camera bag.


Awesome WB Tool!
It's so simple to use and results are great! Used it in a dimly lit Gym with florescent lighting that with Auto WB registers an awful yellow cast. This completely corrected that... no post processing. Used yesterday on an overcast day and again great pictures. I love it!

-Tina H.

Best addition to the camera bag
This lens cap is so simple to use and makes such a great difference to your photos, by calibrating the white balance to the actual light at the time of the shot. I only really use this outdoors, but now I use it all the time. Just take a shot with it fitted, select custom WB from my camera's menu, and there it is, Really true, warm images now without the need to correct more within LR or PS. I have one for each lens I use now, so its always there to get that WB correct each time.


I use this on my Panasonic HPX250 video camera and the best thing about it is that I can white balance in the field by myself at the camera. That is, I don't have to carry around a white board and have another person holding it for me. Very convenient!


Worth every dollar
White balance had been an issue with many of my images before getting this cap. I would often correct in post-production. This cap really does an excellent job; especially in a situation where the light is consistent.

Two areas I've had trouble with: custom white balancing with the cap on a circular polarizer filter, and using it on a sunny day with occasional cloud cover (basically any situation where the light temperature is shifting often). However, neither of these trouble areas are because of defect of the cap.

I would definitely recommend purchasing this cap as a solution to acquiring accurate color temperature. As an added bonus for Canon users, these caps fall off less often with the cap release being centrally places (Canon places their release on the outer rim of their caps).


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